Stone Solid Reptile Enclosures was founded because the Stone family has a huge passion for animals (especially reptiles) of all shapes and sizes.

Sean and Mary Stone started their passion in 2016 when they bought a bearded dragon from a local pet store. Our family has grown quite alot since purchasing Drogon, and found a need for larger cages that couldn't be bought in a store (at least not cheaply!). That's when our adventure began in the world of custom-built cages.

Since then, we've built quite a few cages for our own scalies including a "Beardie Hotel" which consists of four stacked cages atop a large cabinet/stand, a large enclosure for our blackthroat monitor Morgana, as well as a very ambitious natural bioactive enclosure for our mangrove monitor Boomer.

Luckily for us, our passion for reptiles has passed onto our two sons Aiden and Connor. They love feeding and holding them and hopefully they'll be able to take over for us when we're no longer able to!