Looking for a pre-built, standard-sized enclosure for your pet? We offer a variety of standard sizes with the following options:

  • Plywood or PVC (Waterproof)

  • Hinged or Sliding Glass Doors
    with either glass or acrylic

* These enclosures do not include light fixtures or waterproofing. For these options, please request a custom quote.


Not sure what size or material you need for your pet? Let us help you out with a fast and free consultation! We'll ask you a few questions and give recommendations based on your answers! This process takes only a matter of minutes!

If a pre-built enclosure is the right fit for you, check out our shop to order one today! If you require a custom enclosure, please request a quote to get started!


Do you and your pet have a dream home in mind? Let us make your dream a reality with a custom enclosure!

Want a custom background to make them feel at home? Need caves, logs, vines or a water feature? If you can think of it, we can create it for you!